The Surreal Pieces of Art by Antonio Mora

Art by Antonio Mora - blue madrid.

Antonio Mora is a Spain-based artist who spent several years working as an art director in the arts industry. Mora, now a full-time artist, describes himself as someone who creates portraits from images found on the Web, blogs, and magazines. He then merges the images, creating pieces of art with great force and expression that surely won’t leave you indifferent.

NEW [Update of Oct. 31, 2014]: Check out Mora’s latest artworks in the interview below (link will open in a new tab in your browser).

Artist Antonio Mora Talks About His Approach to Art and Life [Interview]

Mora’s Private Life and Education

Mora works in his studio in an old industrial building, where he spends many hours designing and producing his artworks. When he’s not working, the artist prefers enjoying a quiet life with his family, children, and dogs. He also loves to walk on the beach.

Mora undertook a master in graphic design, and started his own design studio a few years after graduating. He was the studio’s art director for 15 years. However, he gradually lost interest in working as an art director, and decided it was time to start creating his own art.

Mora’s Art and Philosophy

We had the chance to briefly talk to Mora via email. As he indicates: “I think the images I make are surreal. I merge reality with dreamy concepts to create hybrid beings that are dreamlike.” Mora also says:

“I want people to feel inspired when observing my artworks, and that is what I long for. I often look at images hundreds of times without finding anything, and then the spark just arrives. It’s a bit like fishing, a matter of patience and intuition. Ideas are provided by the Internet itself, by the massive volume of images that circulate on the Web. I feel sometimes I am the medium between two parallel universes.”

An Artist and a Hard Worker

The post-2008 financial crisis that hit many countries in the European Union did not ignore Spain either. Mora himself says that “It is not easy to survive the crisis in Spain, not even now, years after the 2008 crash. You must work hard.”

“Social networks, especially Pinterest, have been an important vehicle to spread my artworks, also providing a means to observe their immediate and enthusiastic impact on all cultures,” he adds.

Discover More About the Artist

Visit Mora’s website to see more works by this creator, as the images below are just a selection. The artist is also present on Pinterest, as well as Facebook.


Art by Antonio Mora - Iztaccihuatl

Art by Antonio Mora - black beauty

Art by Antonio Mora - coiffure

Art by Antonio Mora - woodboy-a-tamano

Art by Antonio Mora - yelmo

Art by Antonio Mora - labyrinth

Art by Antonio Mora - WAVE ORI

Art by Antonio Mora - a-clouds-walk

Art by Antonio Mora - african cyclops

Art by Antonio Mora - ERIZO

Art by Antonio Mora - the bridge

Art by Antonio Mora - aCA de frente

Art by Antonio Mora - aprodite

Art by Antonio Mora - arquitectures

Art by Antonio Mora - charybdis

Art by Antonio Mora - Crying cyclops

Art by Antonio Mora - cyclops grande

Art by Antonio Mora - il est parti

Art by Antonio Mora - ny again

Art by Antonio Mora - nymphas dreaming

Art by Antonio Mora - VERSAILLES

Art by Antonio Mora - ibiza in my mind

Art by Antonio Mora - antonio y tribal expression

Antonio Mora in his studio, posing in front of one of his creations “Tribal Expression.”


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Matthew King oh yes! Very beautiful art, you're correct. The first and the second in particular are very, very interesting. We still love Mylovt and Antonio Mora's work a lot, but, yes, the artists you mentioned above are definetely interesting. You know what Matthew, you gave us inspiration. We'll surely contact them in the future to see if they'd like to be featured/interviewed on Writeca. Thanks Matthew King :-)


Matthew King hi, thanks for your comment! :-) Hey, who are these artists you mention? Can you please give us some names? We'd love to take a look. Thank you Matthew.

Matthew King
Matthew King

It is art. It just isn't any good. Plenty of artists are using similar techniques with greater success and a more interesting point of view


Andy Grey yes you're correct Andy. That's a food one! We like this definition too :-)

Andy Grey
Andy Grey

art is taking what you see inside your mind and having the ability to replicate it into the physical world so that others may see your vision.


Andy Grey thanks for your comment :-) You know, this could open a great conversation between us. Well, what is art? Some have given this definition of it: "The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power:"

Andy Grey
Andy Grey

this is not art. this is someone merely having fun with photoshop.