More Integration Now Between Gmail and Google+ When Composing Emails


A very recent Gmail update allows you to manage better the way you send emails. To be more precise, the new feature will allow you to quickly find the people you’re looking for, suggesting, in fact, Google+ connections’ emails as well, even though you haven’t previously exchanged addresses with each other.

From now on – although the update is rolling out between today and tomorrow, according to this Gmail release from yesterday – it’s easier for people using Gmail and Google+ to connect over email with the people that matter the most. As a matter of fact, Gmail is now able to suggest Google+ connections as recipients when you are composing an email message, as shown in this example below.


Gmail now shows Google+ connections when composing an email. Image credit: Gmail

As clearly indicated by the image above, this new email experience works a little differently, so that your email address is only shared with the people you want. The adress is not visible to a particular person unless you send that person an email, and, on the other hand, that very same person’s email address won’t be visible to you unless he/she sends you an email too.

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How to Set Your Gmail Account with the New Feature

Naturally, you can, and should, adjust the settings within your Gmail account, so to control which people can reach you thanks to the new feature. The image further down shows how you can get the new system up and running, through which you can choose who can email you among those included in your circles.


You’ll soon be able to adjust the settings of your Gmail account and decide who can send you emails among your Google+ connections. Image credit: Gmail

As mentioned earlier, the new system is rolling out between today as well as tomorrow, and you’ll receive an email with a link to turn on the feature from your personal settings.

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New Feature Working with New Inbox

A few months ago, in May to be more precise, Google rolled out a new, useful feature for Gmail, through which your Gmail account is organized in five optional tabs: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates as well as Forums.

The feature rolling out this week will also work with Gmail optional tabs: Whenever someone in your Google+ circles emails you, that email message will automatically end up into the Primary tab. On the other hand, if that person is not in your circles, the message will be immediately categorized into the Social tab; that is of course if you actually enabled the optional Social tab within your Gmail account.

Moreover, in order to prevent possible spam actions, people, whose messages ended up into the Social tab in your Gmail account, will be able to start another conversation (send a second email), only if you responded to the very first one, or added them to your circles. This way, as mentioned, spam actions are strictly taken under control.

This below is a typical example of how the new system will look like; Diana has sent an email to Peter, and this last one may decide if he wants to add Diana to his circles or reply the email.


Is Peter going to add Diana to his Google+ circle from within Gmail? Image credit: Gmail

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How to Protect Your Email Address Within G+

What’s very important here is correctly adjusting the way your email address is shown within the Google+ ecosystem. As mentioned several times already in this column, you are on the “steering wheel” when it comes down to what to share with whom of Google+.

To decide which circles you want to share your email address with, simply do the following:

  • Open your browser, and head over to your Google+ profile.
  • Click on About, to get to the section containing personal information about you, including your emails.


  • Scroll down to Contact Information.


  • Click on Edit, and then choose Custom. After that, you only need to decide the circles you’d like to share your email address with – as they say: “Easy peasy japanesey!”


Intro image: old-blue-mailbox.jpg. Image credit: Thomas Kamann via Flickr; under CC BY 2.0 license
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