Explore Santa’s Around-The-World Journey With Santa Tracker


Christmas is a few days away – as we all know – but what’s actually happening with Santa Claus and his little elves friends? Believer or not, our big brother Google was able to get into the town when everything is getting ready for Santa’s around-the-world journey.

We are three days, 19 hours, 33 minutes and eight seconds away before Santa actually departs to start delivering all gifts for the little ones during his around-the-world journey. Since Google is very powerful, and has a lot of connections around the planet, it was able, somehow, to put together a very nice Santa’s dashboard, allowing you to discover everything that is going on “behind the scenes”.

This special preview, which you’ll be able to explore very shortly, was received by Google from one of Santa’s numerous laborious elves friends, who are, in fact, hard at work in the North Pole (that is where Santa and his elves live…in case you didn’t know) helping Santa prepare for his big day.

Google, with one of Santa’s developer elves, created Santa’s dashboard – with a little help from Google Maps technology and sleigh engineering – which will allow you to follow Santa’s journey around the world.

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Explore Santa’s Village and Play Games

Now, since elves are very kind beings, and love people (most of all children), they allowed Google to let its users explore the village, see what Santa is actually doing to get ready for his journey, but also playing games, and, generally speaking, have fun.

You can, for instance, watch the elves while they break the ice on the village; each day a building is broken, new scenes are discovered, and fresh new games can be played. By playing games, you are actually not only having fun, but helping the elves getting ready for the big day.

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Follow Santa on Christmas Eve

Santa’s elves helped Google make Santa’s dashboard a reality not only because they are caring elves, but also because, on Christmas eve, Dec. 24 in fact, you’ll be able to use the dashboard to follow Santa in his around-the-world journey.

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How to Use Santa Dashboard

The following is a list of ways (not all) you can use Santa’s dashboard to follow his activities:

  • Visit Santa Tracker.
  • Hit the button (top-right corner) to get to “The Calendar”.
  • Click on “Go to the Village” (to-left corner) to visit the village itself. In here you’ll find a lot of fun activities to enjoy, including games.
  • Lastly, click on “Santa on the go” to play with friends with the Santa Tracker Android App, get the Santa Chrome extension, or Light your TV up with the Santa Tracker Android app and Chromecast.

I hope you’ll enjoy Santa Tracker, which was made available by the kindhearted elves (with a little help from Google of course); and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

Intro image: day 3 google santa tracker.jpg. Image credit: squirrel83 via Flickr, under CC BY 2.0 License.
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