How 7UP Arabia Gained 3,137 New Followers on Twitter


In this Twitter case study we learn today how brand 7UP Arabia increased its position on Twitter with just a single campaign during the launch of a new product on the market. 7UP Arabia was not only able to increase the number of followers on Twitter, but also achieved a 200 percent increase in mentions, as well as a 26.6 percent in the engagement rate.

About 7UP Arabia

7UP is part of the PepsiCo (American food and beverage Corporation) product portfolio. This last one includes other brand names too, such as Gatorade, Tropicana, Frito-Lay, Quaker, plus more. The 7UP brand is also present in Saudi Arabia, under the name of 7UP Arabia.

The Marketing Challenge

7UP Arabia (@7UPArabia) was facing the challenge to launch a new product on the market, but rather than simply launch a new flavour in Saudi Arabia, the brand decided it wanted to start a more engaging and interactive campaign to introduce its new product to consumers.

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The Solution to the Challenge

To tackle the marketing challenge, the brand launched a massive marketing campaign, and decided to collaborate with Bader Saleh, a renowned YouTube personality, to give consumers the possibility to name its newest product across a variety of different mobile as well as digital channels: Facebook applications, YouTube videos, a micro website, SMS messages, a toll-free number, and, of course, Twitter.

7UP Arabia decided to use Promoted Trends (an extension of Promoted Tweets) tagged with the صوت_وساعد_بدر# hashtag. The hashtag served of course to maximize brand awareness, but also to drive contest votes. As a matter of fact, Twitter users could give their vote for one of the following three name options:

  • Lemo.
  • Lamoon.
  • Squeeze.

Moreover, all Promoted Tweets also included rich media to engage even more with the audience, as well as CTAs (Call To Action) to vote the name. This embedded Tweet below, showing Bader Saleh, is an example of a Promoted Tweet running at the time.

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7UP Arabia’s 3 Keys to Success

How could 7UP Arabia be so successful in its campaign? The three elements to its success can be summarized in the following:

  • Own the conversation: as you can see from this second Tweet embedded below, 7UP Arabia used hashtags that clearly popped out of the conversation, that is Promoted Trend and Tweets. The brand owned the conversation using recognizable, original and relevant hashtags, such as #VoteLemo, #VoteLamoon, and #VoteSqueeze.

  • Listen to your audience: this represented indeed another clever move by the brand. 7UP Arabia was able, somehow, to let consumers feel important. These last ones were, in fact, asked to help the brand in a key product decision, and invited to share their opinion in real time on Twitter itself.
  • Generate more buzz with some “influencer”: as we indicated earlier, the brand partnered with a YouTube personality for this campaign, which turned to be the right choice to drive more excitement among its followers.

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Campaign’s Results

When the marketing campaign came to an end, and so did the contest, the name chosen was Squeeze.

Moreover, as indicated in the introduction, the results, which appear quite stunning, were:

  • 200 percent increase in Twitter mentions.
  • 3,137 new followers gained on Twitter.
  • 26.6 percent Promoted Tweet engagement rate.

Intro image: The Uncola.jpg. Image credit: Grant Hutchinson via Flickr under (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) license
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