A Quick Overview on Google Apps for Entrepreneurs


Whether you are just-starting as an entrepreneur or you are a seasoned one, the Google Apps ecosystem is filled with great applications to help you being a better businessman. In this “Tools for Entrepreneurs” video class presented by Carrie Row you’ll get to know some great Google Apps that might definitely help you.

How good really are Google Apps? I do a lot of writing, and, to be honest, I use Google Docs every day, but also create presentations and do some of my business planning through Google Sheets. Although the “Spelling” feature within Google Docs is very much far away from being a solid tool, I prefer Docs over Office Word (Microsoft) simply because has got much more that you might expect, such as the integrated “Research” tool, which brings Google Search and Dictionary within all my documents.

In the video at the bottom of this page, Carrie Row, member of the Developers Relationship team working with Google Apps products, shares an overview on what she considers the best Google Apps for business entrepreneurs. The “Tools for Entrepreneurs” series is created by Google for Entrepreneurs in partnership with General Assembly – which is a global community of individuals helping entrepreneurs as well as startup companies. The partnership delivers highly interesting videos for entrepreneurs, in order to help them grow their skills and businesses.

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An Introduction to Google Apps

Google Apps is basically a bunch of pretty great, useful apps to help you, as an entrepreneur, while you get your business started. Gmail and Calendar are an example – for managing emails and appointments – but also within Drive you have some powerful online tools, such as Google Docs editors – which include Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Presentations, as well as Google Forms.

All editors in Google Apps sit on the online Cloud for you to be accessed from any location, and from any device at all through the Drive app. Another unique Google Docs feature is real-time sharing: with this one you may work online with a colleague on any given document, and start editing it online at the same time, live; even though you and your colleague are in different locations. Lastly, Google Drive allows you to store a lot of other files as well, such as images, .pdf documents plus more.

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Third Party Apps

What Carrie really does is spending a lot of time working with third party developers. In the video below, as you’ll shortly explore for yourself, Carrie shows you some very good applications available in the Google Apps environment. All these products are built to be highly functional within Google Apps.

As you’ll see in the video Carrie picked three apps:

  • DocuSign: with this one you can send documents for signature as well as electronically sign documents for yourself. With DocuSign, when you want to sign a document you don’t need to print it off, sign it, scan it and then do all the rest; you can add your signature straight from the app.
  • HelloFax: faxing a document is ancient history for some folks, but not for all. HelloFax was designed to help you with sending a fax online. When you integrate this app with Google Drive you can then send a fax very easily from an online ecosystem.
  • Lucidchart: within Google Drive you may use Google Presentations, but that allows you to do only basic stuff. Whether you need to build more complex graphing or diagramming to add to your presentations, you can definitely go for Lucidchart.

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Those above are just a few free-to-use apps available. You may open your Drive account, click on “Create”, and then choose “Connect more apps”. You’ll see the selection is indeed broad.

However, if your business is already a 10/30-people company, and growing, you might want to consider the Google Apps Marketplace, as mentioned by Carrie in the video as well. Just go to google.com/enterprise/marketplace/ and have a look for yourself. From there you’ll be able to install apps domain-wide, which means you can install an app, such as HelloFax for instance, on a domain level, so that each employee within your company can use it without having to open another account. I’ll leave you now with Carrie and her video.

Intro image – Google Logo in Building43.jpg. Credit: Robert Scoble on Flickr
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