Prepare for the Exciting Call of Duty: Ghosts Clans Multiplayer Experience

Call of Duty Ghosts Clans multiplayer

With COD: Ghosts Clans you can literally grab your friends and get to be part of probably the best COD Clans experience to date. As part of this year’s COD: Ghosts adventure, Clans will allow you to undergo Call of Duty Clan Wars, Call of Duty App as well as Cross-Platform Clans. Let’s see what this is all about.

As mentioned in the video at the bottom of this column, Clans are a big, exciting part of the COD: Ghosts multiplayer experience, for you can join, create or register your Clan for COD: Ghosts, so not to miss out any of the action.

Once you join a Clan, or create one, you get way more than the mere gaming experience. As a matter of fact, Clans allow you to earn and unlock exclusive items, backgrounds, rewards, as well as multiplayer XP bonuses. Moreover, you can experience the joy of browsing Clan vs. Clan playlists, where you can go against other Clans in a variety of game modes.

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Call of Duty Clan Wars

Another big addition this year is the COD Clan Wars. This is an important addition simply because it represents a brand new experience when you and your Clan will face off against other Clans to secure and hold key locations on a map, battling to win unique in-game XP bonus as well as exclusive items.

Call of Duty App

Another cool, juicy goodie from this year’s COD: Ghosts experience is the brand new COD App. This last one allows you to manage your clan, view stats, add your clan emblems, chat with other members of the Clan, and send specific messages to anyone when, for instance, you are ready to play. Moreover, in case you are not part of a Clan yet, you’ll get recommendations from the app itself of what to join and why.

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Cross-Platform Clans

For the first time ever, the COD: Ghosts game experience goes cross-platform; meaning – as indicated earlier – that you can get to be part of the same Clan of your friends, regardless of what platform they play with: Windows PC, PlayStation or Xbox.

I’ll leave you know with the COD: Ghosts Clans video trailer, which summarizes it all.

Intro image: Call of Duty Ghosts Clans multiplayer.jpg screenshot of COD YouTube video trailer
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