Nokia in Puerto Rico Competition: Win a Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro Camera settings

Nokia recently launched the Nokia in Puerto Rico Competition, a chance for you to show up how good you are as a photographer, and, perhaps, win a brand new Lumia 1020. This unique event is organized by Nokia with the partnership of a special judge: Stephen Alvarez, a National Geographic worldwide renowned photographer.

Joel from Conversations by Nokia only today revealed some more details about Stephen, the judge. However, before we see more about this great photographer, let’s have a look at how you can get into the Nokia Puerto Rico challenge.

Get Into the Challenge

If you’d like to throw yourself into this amazing contest, you need, first of all, to visit the following page on, and sign up to join the competition. After you do that, simply submit your photos – which should be inspired by the spirit of travel, nature and/or adventure – give an explanation about the shots you submitted, and why you chose those locations or subjects; furthermore, don’t forget to mention what camera you used.

In October, both Stephen Alvarez and Nokia will select 40 finalists. These 40 lucky ones will receive a one-year free subscription to the National Geographic Magazine, as well as a new “trial” Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone. These 40 people will have to use their Lumia 1020 to carry out the second part of the contest, which is to create a portfolio of photos about travel and adventure.

After that, five of the forty portfolios, and the people behind them, will be selected as winners. Those people will be able to join Stephen on a mentoring road trip through Puerto Rico. The trip will be fully paid of course, and this will be also documented by means of a Lumia 1020.

On the top of that, the five winners will receive a Lumia 1020 each, a one-year subscription to National Geographic Magazine, and have the chance to learn from Stephen himself. Those invaluable lessons will allow the winners to create a photo collection of the trip, and the same photos will appear on the National Geographic’s Nokia Hub.

  • Deadline: submit by the 10th of October 2013 (10am PST).
  • Vote: 11th-18th of October 2013 (10am PST).
  • 40 finalists chosen: 1st of November 2013 (10am PST).
  • 5 winners announced: 29th of November 2013 (10am PST).

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Meet Stephen Alvarez

As mentioned, Stephen is a worldwide renowned professional photographer as well as filmmaker. He is originally from the U.S., and has worked in the photography industry since 1991, although regularly working with National Geographic since 1995. He creates, with National Geographic, remarkable stories revolving around his adventures, discoveries, human stories behind cultures, religion as well as war conflicts.

As a matter of fact, Stephen was part of an expedition (video below) in South America a while back, when he temporarily lost his sight, due to the high altitude. That was actually his first National Geographic Magazine assignment, for the discovery of an ancient Incan mummy in Peru.

Beside the above expedition, Stephen published a lot more incredible stories about his numerous journeys around the world; such as the one in the deepest cave on the planet close to the Black Sea, a jungle expedition through the longest cave on Earth in Central America, in addition to other incredible trips in Europe and Africa as well. Stephen is really a guy who pushes his limits to extreme levels sometimes.

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Stephen describes the Nokia Lumia 1020

The Lumia 1020 has been labeled by many as a camera phone in the past, but let’s see what a real pro has to say about it.

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Some Great Work From Stephen

If you’d like to discover more photos by Stephen, more about his work, you may visit this portfolio pages on his website:

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “This guy is super cool!”, and you’re utterly right. If you want to meet him, just join the contest, and submit your photos inspired by the spirit of adventure as well as discovery. Perhaps you’ll win the competition, and meet the guy.

Intro image: Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro Camera settings.jpg courtesy of Nokia Lumia 1020 page
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