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Let’s be honest, student life has a pretty bad rap. If it’s not the terrible diet, the constant lack of money or the endless nights spent locked away in the corners of a library hurriedly finishing your paper on theories of Ancient Greek irrigation tactics, it’s clear that the student life isn’t just full of parties and sleeping in till the afternoon.

With the start of the school year, we at Writeca turned to David from hungryhouse to give us some insight into what apps are out there to help bring some jazz back into your student life and turn you into an awesome student.

1, Evernote

The undisputed king of the note-making app market, Evernote will help you organise your busy student life with ease. The app allows you to take short video and audio clips (handy for taking notes in lectures) which can all be categorized and tagged with keywords, to help you search for them later on. If you come across a book title or you want to schedule an event in your calendar then Evernote is the best on-the-go note maker around. Plus, all notes, pictures, documents and audio files can be shared instantly with all of your other devices.

Price: Free, (the Premium version allows you to download up to 1GB at $5/month).

Available: Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Blackberry, Windows Phone.

2, Amazon Student

It’s the start of term, and your lecturer gives you a list as long as your arm of textbooks that are ‘required reading’ for this semester, not only that, but the library doesn’t have half of the books you need in the first place. Now what? Sure, you could go along to the official university bookshop and blow your entire student loan in one shopping trip, or you could download the Amazon Student app.

Simply go to the bookshop, fire up your app, scan the barcode of a book and not only can you see the Amazon price, but you can compare with other online book sellers instantly. Plus, with the app, you can even sell back used books for Amazon Gift Card credit!

Price: Free.

Available: iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android.

3, hungryhouse

A student’s life is never dull, what with a packed social calendar, coursework deadlines and of course the dreaded exam period. With all this in mind, it’s understandable that you won’t always have the time to cook. So, if you’re living in the UK then the hungryhouse app is perfect for those times when you’re short on time and want to order in some takeaway for you and your flatmates (without breaking the bank).

Simply pop your postcode into the app and you’ll be able to order from all of the best takeaways in your area at the touch of a button. Plus the app allows you to hunt around for the best deal, meaning you’ll never be at the mercy of just that one greasy chicken place at the end of your road again.

Price: Free.

Available: iOS, Android.

4, Moneybook

Being a student means watching those pennies, especially when you’re waiting for the next instalment of your student loan. The Moneybook app enables you to set your budget for all of the areas of your life (house, leisure activities, food shopping etc) and keeps track of how much you’re spending each month on these items. Unfortunately the app isn’t psychic meaning you’ll need to enter in your spends manually, but with pre-defined spending limits the app is fantastic at allowing you to visualise your finances and stay within your budget.

The app doesn’t promise to solve your money woes, but it should help you manage your money better and will help you to avoid the dreaded beans on toast evening meals.

Price: £1.99 / $2.99.

Available: iOS.

5, ReferenceMe

Referencing essays is an absolute nightmare and because students write essays whilst collecting references from a wide array of sources, developing a way to keep track of all of them in one place whilst generating references correctly (and quickly) would be a dream. That’s where the ReferenceMe app comes in. The app couldn’t make referencing simpler, as all it takes is a simple scan of a book’s barcode and boom!…the reference will be automatically created. Of course, referencing styles for both Oxford and Harvard are included.

Price: Free.

Available: Android, iOS (iPhone)*.

What apps do you wish you’d had during your student days? Or have you tried any of the apps reviewed above? Get involved via the comments below!

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