News From Yahoo! Mail: New Free Yahoo! IDs for Everyone!


Yahoo! Mail is not perhaps the most fashionable email web platform around, so much so that Californian internet corporation Yahoo! is trying to revive the service in all possible ways. After redesigning Yahoo!’s email service a while ago, the company is now giving the chance to loyal users, and new customers, to sign up for the ID they prefer, so to have an email that is as personalized as possible.

That’s a feeling almost anyone had at least once: you’re about to open your new email account, but that cool, short, catchy, self-defining name you thought about for days is already taken. That’s really frustrating! This is an issue many companies have, including Yahoo!.

Thus for instance, if you are a new user and want your nice, short and cool email address like, but that’s taken, you must make yourself comfortable with something else, perhaps something like, which may be a little annoying for someone. But that’s usually the way it is…unless of course we kick out someone who’s not even using the service. And that’s what Yahoo! is going to do pretty soon.

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The program announced on Wednesday is actually trying to solve the issue, so to attract more users to the email platform. Starting next month, Yahoo! is freeing up inactive IDs of inactive users, therefore accounts that have not been used in the last 12 months will be reset and given to those potential users who really are interested in Yahoo! Mail, as well as other services.

As a matter of fact, with a Yahoo personalized ID you not only get access to your emails, but also other content tailored around your interests and passions, such as favorite teams’ sports scores, weather info, and news that interest you the most.

How to Get Your ID

Starting from the 15th of July, anyone who wants a custom ID, need to go to Yahoo! Mail, and decide what name they’d like to have. A month later, around mid August, those who claimed a name/ID will find out which one they actually got.

If you already have a Yahoo! Mail account, have not used the service for more than 12 months, and are worried your ID will be given away to someone else, don’t you worry, you still have time. You only need to login to you account – email, or any other product – before the 15th of July, use Yahoo!, and you’re done, you’re safe.

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