Get Yourself the New 4 DLC Items for Tomb Raider

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You’re now able to snatch some unique DLC (downloadable content) for Tomb Raider. The DLC offering includes the Tomb Raider Survival Pack, Adventure Pack, a complete Multiplayer Map Set for PC players, as well the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer — this last one finally available in North America.

If you don’t know much about the game, you may want to watch Tomb Raider’s YouTube movie we published last month: The video, a complete movie about the game, lasts for three hours, but that really covers the whole story. Plus, on the same article you’ll find all you need to know about this hugely famous title by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix – respectively the developer and publisher of Tomb Raider.

Just yesterday the company released an offer for DLC, which perhaps may be of interest to you. The offering is packaged in four different items:

  • The Online Survival Pack.
  • The Adventure Pack.
  • The Multiplayer Map Set.
  • And the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer, now available for folks in North America.

Let’s see some more details here.

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Online Survival Pack

This pack is made to give you some extra multiplayer characters and weapons (from Hitmam). All the content you need to survive online is of course included. The cost is 560MSP, US$6.99, or EUR5.49.

  • MP Character
    • Fisherman.
    • Scavenger Bandit.
    • Scavenger Executioner.
    • Scavenger Scout.
  • Weapons
    • Hitman STG 58 Eline.
    • Hitman M590 12ga.
    • Hitman JAGD P22G.
    • Hitman HX AP-15.
    • Hitman Agency SPS 12.
    • Hitman Silverballer.

Adventure Pack

This pack was designed for single players only, to improve your (and Lara’s) chances of survival in the environment. With this pack, you have some power upgrades as well; you get in fact three outfits, three skill upgrades and also two weapon upgrades. The cost is 560MSP, US$6.99, or EUR5.49.

  • Weapon Upgrade
    • Pistol Silencer.
    • Pistol Burst.
  • Skill Upgrade
    • Agility.
    • Animal Instinct.
    • Headshot Reticle.
  • Outfits
    • Guerilla Skin.
    • Aviatrix Skin.
    • Hunter Skin.

Multiplayer Map Set

This is available on Steam Only, the entertainment platform. With this DLC you get access to a set of eight new locations to explore and take over, ranging from underground environment to mountain peaks. The cost is US$9.99, or EUR7.99 (no MSP for this pack).

The map includes the following locations:

Location Description
Himiko’s Cradle This is a very risky sacred mountain location, filled with danger waiting for you, behind every corner.
Lost Fleet The enormous ship on the beach is a very unsafe environment as well, full of traps.
Forest Meadow The forest is of course a massive open space hunting environment, but be careful to stay the hunter though, for you could easily become the hunted one.
Dogfight The dogfight is an old bunker, dating back to World War II period, where deadly experiments were conducted who knows upon whom. Be careful not to let it become your tomb.
The Burning Village A Japanese village is embraced by a massive raging fire. If you’re good enough, you can exploit this situation to use the burning buildings to hide, escape, and engage enemies.
Cliff Shantytown This dangerous settlement, built high up on the island cliffs, has got some of the deadliest traps on the island.
Scavenger Caverns This environment is completely underground. You’re going to move through caves and other passages, a whole intricate environment, once used as a prison.
Shanty Town This decaying area has steep climbs, several ziplines for escaping, and numerous locations where to put traps for your opponents.

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The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer

The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer is now available in the U.S. If you live in North America, you’re now available to solve the puzzle revolving around a crashed plane to claim your reward. This is available for 240MSP, US$2.99, or EUR2.49.

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