YouTube Improves Uploading, But Creators Are Still Unhappy!


YouTube recently announced an improved video uploading process for all YouTube creators. From now on you’ll get notification via email when your video is uploaded, as well as other more flexible functions. This certainly sounds great … we noticed, however, the air is getting a bit tense between creators and YouTube.

As we just said, YouTube announced two improvements for creators (YouTubers) in the last couple of days. Starting from yesterday, May 6, you won’t need to refresh the YouTube channel’s upload page to see if your video is ready for your followers, to be watched and shared.

No refresh is needed anymore: YouTube will simply send you an email to notify you that the video is up and running. Of course you can then forward that email to friends, followers, clients, and so on. The email should look similar to the following image (click to enlarge).

YouTube Uploading Video

Naturally, you can decide to opt out from receiving these kinds of emails, by updating your preferences on the YouTube email settings.

The second improvement to YouTube will give you much more decision over the exact time when to publish your video. Very soon, you’ll be able to decide when your video gets actually published, allowing you more time to think about the right title as well as description for your video, custom message to send to your subscribers, and more. Your video will be private, and visible only to you, until you hit the publish button.

The process just described is not yet available; they should, however, start rolling out the upgrade this week.

Creators Unhappy Lately…

Although YouTube’s team continues improving the video sharing platform, some YouTubers are a little unsatisfied lately. Following the events revolving around YouTube gives us the chance to see comments that creators leave on YouTube blogs, as well as open topics on YouTube help forums.

According to the comments on this post, most of YouTubers’ revenue is down roughly 50-70% since the end of March. Some creators believe Google and YouTube have something wrong going on with monetization and earnings processes. They also indicate that they tried to complain about these issues in the Partners Forums, but no one apparently listened.

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