Samsung Awarded by TIPA for its Camera & Imaging Products

Leica D.R.P. Ernst Leitz Wetzlar

Samsung continues surprising the market with innovative and cutting-edge devices all the time…so much so the South Korean multinational company, headquartered in Seoul, has been recently recognized, by TIPA, with prestigious awards for its camera and imaging products.

We all know how great Samsung can be with high-tech products. But are these only “pop-products”, or they really are state-of-the art pieces of hardware? Well, according to TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) Samsung is really doing a great job.

TIPA has recently honored Samsung with four 2013 awards, for four different categories:

  • “Best CSC Advanced”.
  • “Best Mobile Imaging Device”.
  • “Best Imaging Innovation”.
  • “Best Photo TV”.

TIPA awards in the industry are really a big deal: these are renowned as the most coveted photo and imaging awards on the planet today. Each year, TIPA editors vote for the best products on the market of the past 12 months. The actual awards ceremony will take place in Japan (Tokyo), in June 2013.

Best CSC Advanced

According to TIPA, the best compact system camera (CSC) on the market today is the Samsung Smart Camera NX300. The NX300 has a new 20.3 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, which allows you to take clear and rich pictures, under all light conditions.

These perfectly balanced images are also possible thanks to the NX300’s wide ISO range (ISO100-25600). Moreover, the NX300’s Hybrid Auto Focus (AF) system allows you to exploit fast, precise phase and contrast detection. This brilliant camera also has Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to instantly share photos plus images with friends as well as family.

Best Mobile Imaging Device

The one camera winning the price was the Samsung GALAXY Camera. TIPA judges clearly declared the GALAXY Camera was able to “redefining the connected camera genre”. The GALAXY Camera has, in fact, original features: it’s the first android based camera on the market – with 3G/4G Wi-Fi connectivity – allowing you to share images on social networks. Moreover, once you capture an image or picture, you can immediately edit it on a brilliant 4.8-inch HD Super Clear Touch Display.

Best Mobile Imaging Innovation

TIPA recognized the Samsung 45mm f/1.8 (2D/3D) lens the Best Mobile Imaging Innovation product in its category. With this device you can choose to take 2d or 3D pictures without having to change lens each time, you simply turn on the 3D mode, and you’re done.

Best Photo TV

Lastly, the Best Photo TV award went to the Samsung F8000 Smart LED 2D/3D TV. This futuristic device really changes the way you interact with images: you can, not only display images as well as pictures on a wide screen, but also share them on social networks, work with apps, and turn the TV into an image hub, so to work in conjunction with numerous other devices.

Are You a Photographer?

What about you, who’s reading this article? Are you into photography at all? Do you have any of the above Samsung products we just saw together? If yes: how are they? Can you give me/us some more info? Tell me your story, your experience with Samsung, and spark the conversation at

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