Baidu Moves Abroad With Its Products

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Chinese search engine Baidu is now trying to tap into international markets with one of its products. The company launched a PC security management software few months ago and recently released its latest update. The software is available in English and Thai. But why don’t they make it in Chinese language?

The software is called Baidu PC Faster, and its latest update was made available on the 10th of January 2013, although the original version was released in June 2012.
Why is Baidu trying to market its products in Southeast Asia countries and not at home, in China? Let us first explore some features of the PC suite, then we’ll see why Baidu’s decision to turn his marketing efforts to international markets is perhaps not a bad one.

The PC security software main functions are:

  • The suite has a “Boot Time Manager”. This feature will speed up your computer, as well as monitor the startup process.
  • Another feature is called “Win Update”. This will make your PC safer; in fact the system automatically downloads updates for Windows to keep your computer secure from hackers and viruses.
  • Another function is called “Cleaner”. This will free up some space on your disk, making your PC faster.
  • The suite has a “Health Care” function as well. With one click you’ll be able to check your PC health and fastly diagnosing computer issues.


  • Baidu is using a Thai domain name, the website is; the software is available only in Thai and English languages.
  • The version’s number is, which is still in beta testing. The latest version was just updated on the 10th of January 2013. With this latest version they fixed some issues, improved some features and added some new functions.
  • Baidu PC Faster works with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP 32/64 bit.
  • The size of the software is 14.30 MB.

As I mentioned before, Baidu PC Faster is free, forever. You can just go to their website, download the suite, install it and you won’t be charged a cent.

Why Is Baidu Targeting International Markets?

Baidu is a real giant back home, in China. It offers many services in the web searching industry, such as news, mp3 search, video search, games etc.

Baidu’s decision to get into the software making industry is a bold decision. In China the competition in the field is ferocious. Some of the biggest software as well as tech companies are:

All the above are established companies, very competitive in the tech and software industry. It seems very strange to me that Baidu wants to compete with the above companies in the IT sector. So why is the Chinese search engine leader doing that?

The potential for profits coming from the software sector is very huge in Asia today. Baidu is trying to get into the market targeting countries outside China because within the country it finds too much competition. The Southeast region of Asia is full of nations that are exploding; thus I think Baidu’s move is nothing but a clever idea. The fact Baidu PC Faster is available just in English and Thai tells you a lot about Baidu’s main marketing intentions.

China Not Loved By Everyone

China and two of its neighbors were in disagreement about some oil and gas fields in the South China Sea a while back. The two neighboring countries I am talking about are Vietnam and India. The event took place on the 4th of December 2012. Click here if you wish to read the full report.

Vietnam accused one Chinese fishing boat of doing something irregular on the fields, indicating it will increase the marine police presence in the area. In addition to this, India, which actually has several joint ventures with one of the biggest Vietnamese energy companies, declared it will send some navy vessels to protect its interests in the fields. These disputes between China and other Asian countries in the area happen regularly. Journalists often report about disagreements between China and its neighbors.

And going back to Baidu, if disagreements of this sort regularly happen between China and other neighboring nations, I do not think it will be able to market its PC software very easily in the rest of Asia.

However, besides political and energy related disagreements, the software seems to be a good one.

One last curious thing I noticed: their website is available in Portuguese as well. Is Baidu thinking to reach Brazilian and Portuguese markets too? What are your thoughts?

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