The 8th Deadly Sin: Data Consumption Gluttony


Read here what’s going on in Europe. In the old continent consumers are going nuts online. They are spending a lot of money too. The mobile sector is literally exploding and there are many business opportunities for everyone involved.

Online buyers are a bit older than you may think, and healthier. Mobile network operators are getting ready to the constant change we are experiencing. The fact is, we love and need being on the Internet on-the-go, everywhere we are.

According to a McKinsey & Company’s report, the mobile sector in Europe is growing strongly and attracting many new customers.

People are increasingly getting used to the online spending lifestyle. When consumers want to buy something, they go on the internet. But now they do not use only desktop computers anymore, but mobile phones as well, and a lot more than before. The rise in data consumption is not stopping.

Consumers buy products online such as accessories, tech devices, subscriptions, electronics and much more. Online sales in the sector has grown by 33 percent every single year for the past 5 years. In excess of 25 percent of European consumers buy products for mobile online. The potential for this figure to increase to 30 percent or 40 percent is very high.

Surprisingly, online consumers are older than you may imagine. They are in the group 35-64 years old. They have a higher household income and are more willing to buy products such as telecommunication devices and plans for mobiles. This is confirmed by their mobile monthly bills. In fact, online consumers spend 11 per cent more on their mobile bill every month.

All these people have higher chances of being digital addicts. According to McKinsey & Company, 30 percent of these addicts own a tablet, which is double the level of those consumers usually buying offline.

What about smartphones you ask? Well, two-thirds of shoppers use a smartphone device, and only 57 percent of offline shoppers use one.

When it comes to surfing the Internet and using apps, online buyers spend more time on using such services than offline spenders.

  • 61 percent use such services.
  • Only 37 percent of offline buyers do so.

You may recall my earlier article about the app market. Please read Big News & Huge Numbers From Google Play. Application usage has increased dramatically in the last few years, and we are talking in billions of downloads so far.

Applications are used more and more to support the online lifestyle of this new breed of online consumers. People enjoy chatting, using social networks, watching videos, gaming and online gaming, using maps, edit documents, listening to music, buy online, browsing the internet and reading or sending emails.

Also, online buyers have, more than ever, a high interest in any form on new technology such as cloud storage for instance, HD video technology and so on.

I Need More Internet Traffic!

Online buyers consume a huge amount of data therefore demand faster speed, greater internet bundle and other data related products. You may recall what I said in my article entitled The Story of Mobile Growth That Is Overwhelmingly Rocking!:

  • There are more smartphones than PCs in the United States today.
  • There are more wireless subscription than people on the planet today.

The former is valid for the US, however I do not think the situation in Europe is much different.

According to McKinsey & Company digital addiction is increasing at a fast pace. Users have more than one device they use regularly, and are willing to pay more money to have all this devices under the same plan.
54 percent of people surveyed would be ready to pay more for having one-only subscription that includes PC, smartphone and TV Internet connection. 12 percent of these consumers would be able to pay even a 50 percent more on the bill to enjoy a multi-screan feature internet experience.

It All Started in 2007

The digital era has changed the way we work, entertain ourselves, play, buy and interact with each other.

The digitization process has even modified the way we think. For instance, take me; every time I feel writing a romantic letter to a woman, I instinctively rush to my laptop willing to type an email. That would be fast and easy. But since that is not romantic at all, in fact I just do not write any love letter. That is why I am single, perhaps.

It is very strange to think this has happened just in the last few years. I remember seeing the first smartphone in 2007. It was an iPhone. I was living in Australia at that time. I thought it was a cool and fashionable object, but nothing more pretty much. I did not think of what was coming. It brought in a gargantuan revolution in our lives.

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